Large money problems or small, try us. Our promise to every client: You will be glad you have us working to meet your goals. You can trust us to do the
right thing for you, always. Our goal is to exceed your expectations 100% of the time.


And here's probably the best part: We are not a bank, with rigid bank rules and rigid bank thinking. We are a private "solution service" with access to many more sources of money than you would probably believe exist. If you go to a bank with a money problem, you may possibly get money, but you will always get rigidity, rules, and one source of money. We will always approach your money problem with clear, flexible thinking and more than 290 active money sources. If the bank says no, you pack up your papers and locate another bank across town. If one of our sources says no, we simply contact another source for you till we get a yes. (We are accustomed, however, to getting a yes the first time out.)

Today we are in a season of COVID Cowardice. People are scared. Frustrated. "No, you can't leave that face mask at home, you have to take it with you everywhere." (But it's likely the first time now that anybody can walk into a bank with a mask on and ask for money!)

Let us take the endless frustration and time-consuming effort out of trying to solve your money problem. Contact us and see what it's like to realize someone is on your side for a change. Money sources that want your business. Sources with lots of options. And real flexibility. 

If you don't get a solution experience you'll want to tell others about, we will not have done the best possible job for you. And we always do the best we possibly can for you. That is
another promise.

In business today, money is power. Plug your business into the best source of power you 
will find: YMPS.      Your Money Problem SOLUTIONS.               

It's really pretty simple. 

So all you have to do is contact us to get it.

Terms you'll want to brag about.
And service you'll really want to brag about.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We specialize in what we are calling COVID RESCUE CASH. 
If you own a business which has been battered by the pandemic, YOU HAVE OPTIONS if you want to stay in business. Before you decide to close your doors forever, you should explore those options. You have invested lots of time, effort, and money in your business; at the very least, you should invest a little more time in trying to save it. Maybe you can acquire another business in your sphere of expertise and expand rather than close. Take the right steps, and take them with the right help. Contact us now for a free consultation. Generally speaking, if there were ever a time to be aggressive in the marketplace, that time is now!

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: We pay substantial referral fees promptly when you refer to us a client who needs some help in placing business financing...buying or expanding or even starting a business. We can handle any size financing for virtually any commercial project or purpose, and for many non-commercial purposes.
<<<<<<<  Please note that phone number shows as optional. If you really want to get the ball rolling, we'd strongly suggest you provide us with a phone number and the name of a phone contact if that is someone other than the name provided above. 
Your success is our success at YMPS!