Max says:

The Internet is truly a wonderful communication and business tool...but it has a way of getting a little out of hand periodically.  Too many people online seem to have no respect for each other.  Taking their cues from the politicians, perhaps?  Why can we not treat each other the way we would want to be treated?  That can't be so hard to do, can it?  If the politicians think the best way to communicate is to shout at each other, let 'em.  The rest of us will be civil, polite, and respectful.

Our ONLINE Force For GOOD is going to be just that.  We are going to be a referral source and a platform for GOOD communication, GOOD manners, and GOOD busi-

If you have a business or other website which you'd like us to approve so you can show the MaxWebb Seal of Approval on your site, all you have to do is contact us and direct us to your site.  We are normally able to approve a site in not more than forty-eight hours; if we have a question or two, it might take a wee bit longer.

There is a very small registration fee that we assess to enable us to perform this good service for the Internet, but that fee usually never exceeds $10.  This is a one-time fee; no need to ever pay it again unless you make large changes to your site or change the domain name.

Once your site has been registered with Max Webb, we will list it here for all the world 
to see!  This will give you not only the prestige of being able to demonstrate your mem-bership in the Max Webb ONLINE Force For GOOD, but you will also have a very nice and effective backlink to your website, which will help you with search engine visibility and placement.  In addition, the more people hear about Max Webb and visit this site, the more people will see your site in our index here and click on the link to go directly 
to your site to learn more about it.  We'll be promoting the Max Webb site very heavily, and that will help to drive new traffic to your own site!