Free fuel, free c-store, free $$ cards and FAST CASH
plus lots more! Save money AND make money here!
The next time you're in the store pick up a $25.00 fuel card (or generic VISA/MC gift card) for each of the 4 people on this list. Send it with a copy of this sheet and a note saying "Here's a small gift for you! Hope it helps!" Joining GAS-CARDS.US is as easy as that!
If we all introduce only 5 people to this program, watch what happens:
   On Level 1, you will receive $125.00 in gas cards
       On Level 2, you will receive $625.00 in gas cards
           On Level 3, you will receive $3,125 in gas cards
               On Level 4, you will receive $15,625.00 in gas cards  

  >>> TOTAL $19,500 in gas cards with only five people each!
Open and then print a copy of the GC flyer for each name you see in the four spaces, and then print one more copy for the GC office. That last copy is so the GC staff can mail to you your very own master copy of the flyer with your name and address in the top space on the flyer. (Naturally, we can also send your copy by email, as a PDF, to get it to you faster.) When you get your GC master copy, all you need to do is start mailing a few copies to people you know. Or hand them out in your neighborhood. Or use a list of names that we will send you, FREE, with your master copy of the flyer. (You get 120 top quality direct mail names, free, on peel and stick labels as part of your program Welcome Package.)

Over the years many people and organizations have tried lots of various discount fuel programs, but none of them have worked. This is NOT one of those programs...this is nothing more than a great way to take advantage of gift cards we see being used everywhere, in just about every possible business...but especially for fuel.

Want a super gift idea for any driver and any occasion? Sign someone up in the Gas Cards program and give them a $25 gas card along with their own master copy of this flyer! This is a gift they will REALLY appreciate! Plus think about all the small businesses that would LOVE to know about GAS-CARDS.US to help keep their business vehicles on the road! This is truly a program that will benefit anyone who needs to drive a vehicle!
NOTE: This program uses branded national fuel cards as well
as generic Visa / MasterCard gift cards, which are accepted at almost all fuel stops, truck stops, and businesses nationwide.
Please note: GAS-CARDS.US is not a commercial enterprise, but a private gifting activity among consenting and like-minded adults.  It is also not a donation service for free gas cards, but a way for you to earn more gas cards than you will EVER need.