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Real estate in the US has gone through a tumultuous period over the last several years. The economic downturn has driven home values, and prices, substantially lower. Foreclosures have soared with loss of jobs and continued high unemployment. Lenders still make it increasingly difficult today for prospective home buyers to qualify for mortgage loans.

Bottom line: Today is one of the best times in many years to buy a home...if you know how to navigate the marketplace and take advantage of its conditions. (It can also be a very good time to sell a home if you have a little expert guidance.)

The best time to buy in almost any market -- stocks, bonds, commodities, or real estate -- is when the market is trending downward or at bottom. While bottoms are almost impossible to pick in advance, you can certainly pick a point at which you believe a bottom has been reached. In real estate, however, good deals are always available to those who know the market.
What does R & R mean? To a soldier, it means "Rest & Relaxation." Time away from combat or the routine of his duty post. To someone with interest in real estate, it means "Rehab & Rent." If you are looking for an investment property of any kind, very often it must go through the R&R process before it can begin to cash flow. 
Because of the economic downturn we have gone through in the past several years, and which we are still struggling to leave behind us, there are millions of homes all over the USA sitting vacant, abandoned, neglected, or foreclosed. Very often, they suffer from all of these maladies together. But these assets represent a huge opportunity for someone who has the know-how to bring them back to a serviceable condition...someone who can take them through the R&R process. 
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