Real wages for most Americans have been stagnant or falling for decades.  Real per-family income in the U.S. has essentially remained unchanged since 1971, in spite of the fact that way more households today have two wage earners.

Average Americans are actually worse off than they were decades ago.  Even with our country's tremendous prosperity, Americans have not become wealthier, we've gotten poorer.  Average wages, in real terms, have declined.  Why?  Because all our gains in productivity were consumed by the issuance of more and more money, which is what creates inflation.  Our paper money system robs our currency of gains in purchasing power.

Asset prices have soared.  The wealthy have become wealthier as the value of everything they own becomes inflated along with our currency.  The average person, however, is working harder and producing more, but cannot buy as much as in the past.  Our paper money, because it is no longer tied to the value of gold, can be printed as fast as the presses can run -- and the Federal Reserve does this so the US Government can pay its bills with money literally created out of thin air.  In 2008 we had about $1.1 trillion in circulation; today that number has increased to $4 trillion.  (Printing money does not create wealth or stimulate the economy.  Instead, it makes each dollar less valuable and leads to higher prices...which, again, is called inflation. Think about the last vehicle you bought, and how much higher the price was than you were probably planning on.)  

But...this process cannot go on forever.  Have you been reading about what's happening in Venezuela?  And why are so many American families and single workers today living from paycheck to paycheck?  If you think that what happened in Venezuela cannot happen here, you are not living in the real world.  Your best option?  Change your reality by changing your income picture to reflect a whole new level of prosperity and accomplishment!

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