Having an IDENTITY CRISIS? We can fix that for you, fast.

The best in business, casual, or team wear, at the best prices, direct to you. Embroidery or permanent imprinting of your logo on any item or garment. Promote yourself or your business and look your best while doing it! Call today!
     It's how to have impact!
YOU know what you need to make your business, or your personal image, look good.

Smart, crisp business attire. Great-looking casual wear. Tote bags, briefcases, caps, jackets, outerwear...if you want to create an image, you can do it inexpensively and look just like a Fortune 500 company! Promotional gear you can give away to leave an image of confidence and success. The days of trying to make an impact with a business card alone are pretty much over. 

Every day you get up and prepare for your day. No matter what you do for a living and no matter the size of your business, you need to make an impression. If you or your company are not using "image marketing" like logo wear and other items, you're missing a terrific opportunity to let the world know what you do and how well you do it.

Here's the best part: You do not need to buy a new wardrobe. If you already have clothing you like, just put something on it! Ask us to create a logo, a signature, something that will give people the image of you or your business that you want them to remember.

Today's embroidery is digital, like almost everything else. That means it can be produced cheaply and easily because it's computer-controlled.

Imprinting is getting better all the time. Screen printing has been around forever. But today you can print directly on garments using special inkjet printers designed for that purpose. So prices are lower than ever, and the imprints are better than ever!

Need a dynamic and unforgettable logo? Our design team can do that for you! You're going to wear clothes...so wear a message! Look smart as you present your image!

Problem: You need to establish a solid, memorable identity in the business world today.
                  You need IMPACT. Without it, you're just another face in the crowd.
Solution:  USA1 Logo Wear Direct.  LOGOWEAR.USA1USA.COM

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