Business and Corporate Funding
The Most Flexible Business Capital You'll Find Anywhere

This is NOT merchant lending (against your customers' credit card transactions), and it is NOT factoring (lending against your business's Accounts Receivable).

We offer the most flexible form of financing available: Business lines of credit.  
NO collateral. NO restrictions on use. NO upfront costs. Full doc or NO doc.

 Additional benefits: Fast response. Low interest. 
And these lines of credit DO NOT report to personal credit bureaus, 
therefore DO NOT affect your personal credit ratio or rating. And because
this is a line of credit, you pay interest only when you actually use the money.


Details gladly provided with no obligation:
Call 1.800.800.0171
or email to
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​Businesses all over the USA (and their employees) have suffered greatly in the economic downturn of the past several years. (Luckily, our exalted Wall Street investment banks were not hurt.) How much more time will you allow to slip away before you take action to move ahead of your competition...or to just take advantage of all the good opportunities you know are out there? Let us help you with this easy access to business capital.Fast response, no upfront costs!
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