Q: Why?

A: Here is an opportunity to change your life and the lives of your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for 20 cents. Heck, you could go to the nearest food bank or outreach center and do wondrous things for those programs using DFC. Does it make sense to pass this up? We are simply a collection of like-minded individuals committed to our cause: Financial freedom for as many people as possible.

Q: How does this work?

A: In The Daily Freedom Challenge (DFC), you, by way of automation, donate to 1 Receiver & to your Receiver's Sponsor. The amounts you donate will depend on which Level you are on. You will receive 6 Donations, in total, for each Level. We have 30 Levels that you will reach, and at the end of the 30th Level you will have profited over $400 million in your Bitcoin account. 

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: Everyone needs a valid Bitcoin Wallet address IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. If you do not have a Bitcoin Wallet go to http://blockchain.com  and get one. When you log in click the "REQUEST" button, copy the address there, placing it in your DFC back office.

Here is a video that explains how to get your BTC receive address from Blockchain. https://youtu.be/l95uAuPOssE

Q: Is the ‘Start-Up Cost’, 20 CENTS, a one-time out-of-pocket expense?

A: YES, it is.

Q: Do I need to refer (sponsor) others in order to earn?

A: It's in your best interest to refer others for several important reasons. (1) This is a community dedicated to building a solid team for each and every member. (2) With an extremely low-cost/high return program such as DFC, there are a lot of people we know and care about who are in need of what you have to offer. (3) You can't reasonably expect a program to grow and provide a stream of income with people not doing their part to build membership. (4) Members of DFC are very much encouraged to refer people directly to their link in this system.

Q: What kind of business building support do you provide to the Members?

A: Great question. In the effort to build a strong and dynamic Network that helps every member, SUPPORT is very crucial and for us. It is the key to our overall goal, which is to be a blessing to others.  

Q: How many positions can a member hold?

A: Members are allowed only one account from which or in which they may enter multiple positions.

It is required that members, once they are in profit, purchase one or two extra positions a day in order to help other members achieve financial freedom. 

Q: How can I contact the Administrators?

Our support email is: DailyFreedomChallenge1@gmail.com

Q: How will the auto donating be done?

A: Auto donating will be done from a Member's back office ‘Wallet’.

Q: Who will be the ‘Processor’?

A: We will use CoinPayments as our Processor.

Q: Legal Stuff.

A: We are not a company, organization of any kind, or legal entity. We are a community of like-minded people bound by the notion that we can help each other fulfill our dreams, goals, and mitigate our needs. Among us, we have pastors, teachers, missionaries, and all manner of people trying to do good in their communities and families. Our goal is to help relieve financial stress from our members around the world. This is our mission. We portend to be nothing more or less than a simple ‘Crowdfunding’ system designed to help our members reach their fundraising goals. This Community is not responsible for missing or incomplete information. Please read the Terms and Conditions section for further guidance.

Q: Can I change a sponsor?

A: Changing of sponsor is not allowed. Double check your sponsor's information before signing up.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: There are no refunds for any reason.  Remember, it all starts with a ONE TIME OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE OF 20 CENTS!

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